Father’s Day is coming soon. Here is a novel – and powerful – idea for a Father’s Day gift.  Why don’t you give each child a special gift this year?

What do children want most? They want their father’s heart turned to them.

This is God’s vision for fathers. It is expressed in the final verse of the Old Testament: He will turn the hearts of fathers to their children.

Great Dads has developed a lifelong Commitment Pledge in which dads pledge to always love, encourage and care for their child. It is a tangible expression of dad turning his heart to his child. 115,000 children across America and around the world have been blessed to receive this from their dad.

Why don’t you richly bless your son or daughter, in this special way for Father’s Day? You can order the pledge from our Great Dad’s store. Your child will cherish this Father’s Day gift forever.