Partnering well with mom is a critical part of being a great dad to your kids. So if you are currently married – or you think you will be married in the future – there are a couple of “keys” to building a healthy and vibrant marriage you should bear in mind.

Couples who had been happily married for 50 years or more were given a list of 39 statements and asked to choose which explained why their marriage had prospered so well. Each husband and wife responded separately.

The three top winners – for both the husbands and the wives – were in the exact same order:

My spouse is my best friend.
I like my spouse as a person.
Marriage is a long-term commitment.
If you can say that about your wife and your marriage, you are well on your way to a long-term, happy marriage.

And here is a bonus. Several Gallup national surveys have shown that couples who prayed often together scored higher on every aspect of marital happiness.

So see, it really is quite simple: if you want a happy marriage, pray together with your wife!  This not only strengthens your marriage but can help you as you grow in your role as a dad.  To learn more about being a great dad sign up for our training today.