Do you want to build character into your child?  Becoming a father with this focus in mind was a priority for men in the early days of America.  During that time, building men and women of good character, with solid values, was a principal focus of fathers.

Listen to John Quincy Adams’ thoughts as expressed in a letter to his wife in 1774: “Above all cares of this life, let our ardent anxiety be to mould the minds and manners of our children…The education of our children is never out of my mind. Train them to virtue. Habituate them to industry, activity, and spirit.”

The industrial age stripped fathers of this focus. Child raising, including the building of character and the forming of values, became more of  the mother’s domain.

Our sons and daughters, more than ever because of the powerful force of elements in our pop culture, need critical input from us dads to shape good character. It is a war – and the prize is the inner spirit of your child.  It will help determine how your child faces life’s tough challenges.

Dad, you need to be on the front line, conducting both a defensive and an offensive on your child’s behalf. Being on the front line means using our moments with each child wisely, making a positive impression for the purpose of character building, values formation, and spiritual development.

This would be a terrific goal for this year, becoming a father raising children with strong character.

If you are interested in helping your children develop good character, consider taking our online video training.  It is a great resource to help in your journey as a father.