Don’t count the score at halftime. That may well be for you one of the most insightful, helpful, and powerful pieces of advice you ever receive as a dad. This especially applies if you are a dad of a teenager and are going through a tough, soul-wrenching period with your child.

If only we dads could really believe it in our heart of hearts and live by that motto.

We could then see in those valley periods with our teen son or daughter that this is NOT the end of the story – that another half is to played out which can well lead to a totally different outcome that what is currently being experienced.

To achieve that winning score down the road, you as dad must understand your essential task in parenting a teen – AND you must understand what teens (and all children) desire from their parents.

This is what we will look at in coming posts. The stakes are high. I recall the teen response to the question, “What message would you like to give your parents?”: “We’re not faking it. We need help”.

Dad, what more do you need to hear to make the commitment to provide that help in all the ways you can?

If you’re a dad who has experienced a terrific comeback in the “second half” with your child, share that with us.