This is an extremely important matter, so some straight talk and startling facts should do the job encouraging you to take the lead and be an involved dad– NOW – in instilling spiritual values in your child(ren).

Let’s look at the stats for children in America:

  • 39% do NOT believe the Bible is the Word of God
  • 51% do NOT believe the resurrection is true
  • 63% do NOT believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God

Know what’s amazing — and tragic?

These stats are drawn from a survey of born-again youth — youth who have professed faith in Jesus Christ.

How did we reach such a sorry state in our values?

Josh McDowell points to two big reasons.

First, our culture used to reinforce the things parents were teaching their kids. Today, it contradicts Christian values. And our kids spend most of their time in that anti-Christian culture—40 hours a week in secular education, an average of 28 hours a week in secular entertainment media. That’s 68 hours a week emerged in an environment that is contrary to what mom and dad are teaching.”

The second reason he gives in response to the question: Is it the parent’s fault?

“Primarily yes. Young people say their number one source of spiritual truth is Mom and Dad—not the church, not the youth pastor or anyone else. Mom and Dad. How did we lose our biblically based belief system and convictions? We don’t have involved dads! The average church child spends 4 ½ minutes a day in meaningful conversation with his father….We are losing our kids not because they don’t hear the truth, but because the people speaking the truth haven’t spent the time to build relationships with them”

What’s the bottom line of all this? Where does all this lead to?

Josh McDowell has a very sobering assessment. He says that if we do not shift our emphasis from behavior to belief…

“We can kiss it all good-bye. People say to me: ‘Come on. The church is God’s church; it’ll always be here.’ Hey, empires have crumbled; nations have vanished, once large churches are no more. If we do not reverse the trend within three or four years, born-again young people who believe the bible is the infallible Word of God will drop to 1 percent.”

To this, the magazine editor said, “You’re scaring me” And Josh replied, “I hope so. I really hope so.”

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