One of the most critical issues for a dad is instilling spiritual values in our children. One of the pillars of doing this is that we must model what we want our children to become. There are four key ways to model.

The first is to get your act together. If you want to be a great dad, you must have your life priorities straight and your act together emotionally and spiritually. The key is this: a child will be drawn to observe and follow the example of the person who has won the child’ heart.

Second, develop a close relationship with God. The main requirement in providing the meaning to life a child so desperately needs is for dad to have a relationship with God and His Son. If you do not possess that foundation, you cannot pass it on to your kids.

Third, know your values. Recognize your governing values. Answer this question: “What does it mean to be a ___ [insert FAMILY NAME]? Share these values so your children will know what it means to be a member of your family.

Finally, be a person of integrity.   1 Kings 8:56 says “…not one word failed.” God keeps His word. That’s what integrity is all about. That is our prime example to follow. So write down one nagging promise you have made to your child that you have not kept yet. Now go out and do it.

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