Dad, have you been praying for one of your children? Maybe for quite awhile and you haven’t seen the answer yet?

Does this get you discouraged at times? Maybe a bit perplexed – and even angry – as to whether God is really listening?

I want to offer you encouragement. I prayed daily for over 10 years after my daughter graduated from college that she would stop feeling alienated and distant from God – that she would stop believing the lie that God had somehow rejected her.

She carried this right over into self-loathing for herself. She simply could not love herself. Both of these lack of loves – for God and for herself – made her quite depressed at times.

I was driven to near despair myself at times when my prayers did not get answered. Why would God let her suffer so?

BUT, God ABUNDANTLY answered my prayers – in the exact way I had been praying for – which in turn led to a total transformation in my daughter’s life.

For now, my simple message for you dad is this: NEVER GIVE UP IN YOUR PRAYING! GOD WILL ANSWER IN HIS PERFECT TIME.

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