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The 8 Videos (+ bonus)



  • Father power - more power than in any other relationship
  • The 5 sources of the "Basics"
  • Tips on getting the most from this training
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Basic #1 – Provide Unconditional Love and Affection

  • Why unconditional love is the starting point
  • Three key ways to show unconditional love
  • How to discipline well
  • Giving your child a blessing

Basic #2 – Spend T-I-M-E

  • What children say makes for a happy family
  • Startling facts on dad time
  • Four guiding principles
  • A lot of fun activities
  • Balancing work and family -- 3 ways to achieve a healthy one

Basic #3 – Communicate Constantly and Creatively

  • Why good communication is so important
  • 5 principles of good communication
  • 3 powerful tips: listen, ask, share
  • Communication forms that will transform your relationship with your child

Basic #4 – Partner with Mom

  • Parenting together - the ideal
  • Building a healthy and vibrant marriage
  • 3 powerful tips to become a great husband

Basic #5 - Instill Moral and Spiritual Values

  • Kids care about and benefit from values
  • The status of values and beliefs today
  • 2 reasons for the sorry state of values
  • Our challenge as dads
  • Model what we want our child to become
  • Teach
  • Vital importance of prayer and forgiveness

Basic #6 – Establish a Fathering Legacy

  • Why your fathering legacy is so important
  • The 4 things kids want in a fathering legacy
  • It works
  • Your exciting, powerful impact as dad
  • When to start your legacy
  • "Letting go" of your child
  • Perspective and eternal investments
  • Creating the fathering legacy I want to leave

A Time for Commitment

  • Your lifelong Commitment Pledge to your child
  • Take action
  • "I am not alone"
  • A final word
Included with whole course.

Bonus video

  • in the rough passages of fathering - your "Fridays" - remember "Sunday's coming"
  • "what's in your box?" - the most important question you'll ever have to answer
Included with whole course.