It’s always good to get down to the basics, especially when it comes to making yourself a better man and father. Basic number one of “The 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad” is to provide unconditional love. One of the foundational ways to provide unconditional love to your children is to build them up.

Here is why the phrase “build them up” is so important. Joe White, who runs a Christian camp for teens, has discovered this truth: every tragic teen problem has a common root which is low self-image. And the number one cause of poor self-image: lack of unconditional parental love.

Consider what kids are up against. From their parents, they hear 10 negative comments for every positive one. At school, they hear 10 negative comments to each positive one. It is little wonder that Dobson has found that when children enter first grade, 80% feel good about themselves but when they leave 6th grade, only 10% feel good about themselves.

Remember that the foundation for all self-esteem is this: a person’s basic value comes from God. We are created in the very image of God. That gives each person infinite value.

So, affirm your children. God is an affirming father; His word says: “This is my son whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” Many children today are starving to hear those types of affirming words from their father. Want to Be a Great Dad? Give your children a gift by affirming them with your words of love and praise.