Doing Things Together With Your Kids

When 1,500 school children were asked, “What do you think makes a happy family?” the children did not list lots of money, big screen TVs or fancy vacations. Their most frequent answer was “doing things together.” What kids need most in a dad really starts with spending time with them.

So here are some neat activities that you can do together with your kids.

First, establish traditions. Family traditions strengthen the ties that bind. The closer a family is, the more traditions it’s likely to have. In the Hamrin family, we welcomed each spring with the bluebell walk and each fall with the Bluemont Fair. And holidays like Christmas can have a whole host of great traditions.

Get into your child’s interest area. Every kid develops keen interests or passions. When they do, explore that with them. For example, when my son Eric developed a passion for roller coasters around age 13, we rode every wooden roller coaster together in the Mid-Atlantic area over the next two years.

Other good ideas: go to their birthday parties (ages 1-10); have family reading times (after dinner is great); make a list of mini-adventures to take them on (local fun activities); have one on one dates at restaurants, movies, etc.

I saved the best for last. Give your child one half day and say, “you choose what you want to do.” That would be a terrific gift, and you may well be surprised what the child will come up with.  I think we believe there is a complicated answer to what kids want most in a dad.  But if you ask them, most important to them is being together!

If you want to learn more about being a great dad, please contact us! We want to help you build loving, lasting relationships with your children.