I want to share with you why every dad should have a sense of urgency about being a great dad. It arises directly from a fact that absolutely astounded me. After becoming a father, if you spend one hour per week in one-on-one time with a child, the total amount of time you will have with that child by the eighteenth birthday is 39 days.

Let that one sink in – -you have 39 days to spend with your child before they leave for college or work. And that is the case IF you are way above average for dads spending one-on-one time with their child.

One study recorded the amount of one-on-one time dads spent daily with their preschool child.  The result?  37 seconds!  Another study a few years later did the same thing – different group of dads.  Result?  35 seconds.

So now that you know you have 39 days with your child, now what?

You MUST START NOW to be a great dad and to experience the joy of fathering.

And you also must ENDURE in your quest to be a great dad. It has been said that the difference between success and failure is that ability to hang in there five minutes longer. Well, there will be lots of times with a child that we’ll be called upon to hang in there five minutes longer.

You don’t sprint to become a great dad; you’re running a marathon. Becoming a father requires commitment up front, patience during the race, and endurance to see your way to the finish line.

As in a marathon, every finisher is a winner!

Start today being a Great Dad – take our powerful training and transform your relationship with your child.